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Landscaper Email Marketing

We are now offering a monthly newsletter service for the Landscaper Industry. We will create a custom designed newsletter that matches your existing website or other marketing material (including using your logo). We will create fresh new seasonal content for the newsletter each month. Plus, we will send the newsletter to your contact list at a predetermined date each month. The newsletter will contain 2-3 short articles (approximately 2 paragraphs each). In addition, the newsletter may or may not contain a special offer or coupon.

As a bonus, each newsletter customer will receive access and use of a SocialGrits.com marketing plan. Through our partnership with Constant Contact, they will be able to use all of the tools and features available through Constant Contact including Social Media Campaigns, Surveys, and additional Email Marketing (some services may incur additional cost).

Newsletter Features:

  1. Custom designed header to match your existing website or other marketing material including your logo.
  2. Seasonal articles that relate to your business (2-3 per newsletter)
  3. Opt-in and Out Functionality / Anti-SPAM Checker
  4. Newsletter signup directly on your website
  5. Links to your website in the newsletter
  6. Social Media links for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are optional
  7. A special offer or coupon is optional
  8. We will upload your contact list for you at no additional charge
  9. Online Real Time Reporting including opens (who and when a newsletter was opened), clicks on links in the newsletter, spam reports, opt outs, etc.
  10. Royalty free stock photos will be included with each newsletter at no additional cost

Content Categories:

  1. Landscaper: Articles on general landscaper topics, seasonal topics, new products or trends
  2. Commercial Serivces: Articles on general commercial topics, seasonal topics, industry hot topics
  3. Residential: Articles on industry trends, seasonal pest, new products


  • 1-500 Contacts $65 per month for (1) newsletter – Existing customer pricing $50
  • 501-2500 Contacts $80 per month for (1) newsletter – Existing customer pricing $65
  • 2501-5000 Contacts $100 per month for (1) newsletter – Existing customer pricing $80
  • Existing Customer Discount (-$15)
  • Self Service Account start at $15 (you create the content and send the emails)

Add on Services:

  1. Add a monthly coupon for $25 (sent in addition to newsletter for a total of two mailings)
  2. Add custom content for $20 (customer may request a custom article that will be specific to their newsletter)
  3. Custom photos can be added to the newsletter for $5 each (customer must own or have permission to use the photos)


  1. Newsletters will be sent once a month on a pre-determined date (multiple options will be available)
  2. Customers may opt to send the newsletters themselves after they have added additional content

Get Started

  1. Contact us today to start your monthly newsletter service at (770) 887-2901
  2. We will email you instructions on sending us your customer email contact list
  3. Our account manager will contact you to determine which billing options you prefer (monthly, quarterly, etc.)