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Landscaper Adwords Campaign Management

With the increasing importance of search engines in a consumers buying process, it is imperative that your business has visibility on search engines. Even if you have more business than you can handle at this point, you still need to create a presence on search engines. With the turmoil in our economy, it is difficult to predict how consumers will react year in and year out. If you wait until you need a search engine campaign, you may fall too far behind your competition. Don't spend the next 2-3 years playing catch up.

How We Can Help

As a Google Engage Agency, we can help you create and manage an effective Adwords campaign. In addition to helping you write effective ads, we can also help you formulate effective list of keywords search terms. After the campaign is setup, we can monitor the campaign and tweak the search terms and cost per click to generate the most website conversions (clicks to sales). Please read below to see the many benefits of an Adword campaign.

Contact Us to Get $100 in Free Google Adwords Advertising with an initial $25 Setup

Types of Search Results

When you search for a term on a search engine, you get two types of results. Organic (free) results are returned by a search engine based on a number of factors including page rank (popularity of your website), incoming links, search term relevancy, search term density, and other factors that search engine companies do not publish. Paid or Pay Per Click results are returned based on the marketing campaign that a company has established with a search engine company (such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing).

Increasing Organic Placement

Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, requires website owners to incorporate key search terms into their website to keep their page at the top of a search engine results page. This is a process that requires time, research, and consistent updates to place your website at the top of the organic results. Please view our information on best SEO practices here.

Estabishing a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

For website owners there are a number of reasons why the AdWords program is better for business growth than relying purely on organic results based on SEO.

Advantage #1: Time (especially during your busy season)

Organic SEO takes time to develop. Depending on competitive the term is, it could take 30-90 days to see substantial increases in your rankings. During the time that the website is optimized, very little or no traffic is generated by search results. With seasonal businesses, that could severely affect your company’s growth. Google AdWords results are immediate. In most cases, within hours of starting your Google AdWords campaign, you can expect to see increased traffic to your site. As with any advertising, the sooner people can find you, the sooner you will see increases in sales.

Advantage #2: On Going Management

An Organic SEO program requires continuous management to stay at the top of the search results. If you reach the front page of a search engine, that means that you have knocked another company off. They are going fight to get their spot back. Plus, others companies are constantly looking to make it to the first page just like you. In order to maintain your spot, you have to constantly tweak your website content. In constrast, Google AdWords does not require that you make these frequent changes to your website. You do need to monitor your traffic and results, but it does not require more time consuming and potentially more expensive changes to your website.

Advantage #3: Guaranteed Placement

There are no guarantees with Organic SEO. With constantly changing search algorithms, organic search results are constantly changing. But, there can be guaranteed placement with SEO programs. With organic SEO, your site may be overlooked for searches in which it is highly relevant and should be ranked higher. Google AdWords guarantees your ad will appear at various times throughout the day. For important keywords, Google AdWords can ensure your site’s ad will appear.

Advantage #4: Campaign Control

With Google AdWords, you have control over your advertising program. Website owners can monitor how much spend and what keywords do and do not trigger traffic to the website. By monitoring your return on investment for each search term, you can tweak your ad campaign to generate more traffic to your website. But more importantly, you can manage your campaign based on increasing actually conversions (visits that result in sales).

Get Started

To get started today with a effective and affordable Google Adwords Campaign, contact our office for your free $100 in FREE Advertising. Call (866) 968-2932 or click here.