Online Payments

For many small businesses, accepting payments online offers major benefits. Customers increasingly expect this functionality and it can improve your cashflow significantly. We offer a couple of easy to implement solutions.

Option #1: All-In-One Merchant Solutions (Example: PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Flexible Payments)

Option #2: Advanced Gateways (Example:, Bank of America, Quickbooks)

Option #1: All - In - One Solutions

Overview: We support the following pop-out payment solutions. With option one, a customer will be redirected to the payment processors website to make a payment. The benefit of this option is the easy and inexpensive setup.

Benefits: No gateway fees, No Merchant Account, Fast Easy Setup

Supported Providers:

  • PayPal (Standard) - PayPal Payment Processor
  • Google Checkout - Google Checkout
  • Amazon - Amazon Flexible Payment Service (FPS)

Option #2: Advanced Gateway Solutions

Overview: We support advanced payment solutions. With the following payment processors, a customer will stay on your website throughout the entire payment process.

Benefits: Customer Never Leaves Your Website, Integrates with Your Existing Merchant Account, May Integrate with Your Accounting System (Quickbooks)

Supported Providers: