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Landscaper Website Tools

LandscaperWebsites designs and builds website specifically for Landscapers. Our websites not only look good, they also offer a full range of tools. The following is a list of tools that can be included on each of our websites. These tools are only available on LandscaperWebsites.


Plant Guide

Plant Guide The Plant Guide is one of our newest tools. When you add this tool to your website, your customers will be able to view, research, and add plants to their own plant list. You as a website owner will be able to log on to our admin tool and view the plants that each customer has chosen and create a design based on their choices. View Our Plant Guide

Service Directory (Easy Updates)

Services The Service Directory list the name and a detailed description for each service that your company offers on the website for visitors to read. The tool allows you the ability to easily choose from a list of standard services (such as landscape maintenance, irrigation, aerating, landscape design, etc.) and then modify the text to meet your company's needs.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery The Photo Gallery tools allow you the ability to create galleries (for example: Irrigation Photos, Landscape Installations, Ponds, etc.) and then quickly upload pictures from you PC over the Internet. You can also manage the images on the site by making them Active (they appear on the website) or Inactive (they do not appear on the website) and you can change the gallery for a picture. Click to View Gallery Choices

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